I pledge to seek out opportunities 

to serve others near and far, 

to help Create Beautiful Dignity.

Across the street or across the world — 

people need you and your service.

When you take the Pearl Pledge, you join our community of service-minded individuals who are Creating Beautiful Dignity near and far. You are invited to connect, share stories and get inspiration in the exclusive Pearl Pledge Facebook group.

You can make a difference everyday and every minute-- doing what you ordinarily do!  

When you take a walk around your neighborhood, pick up stray trash. When you open a door, hold it open for the next person. Or, do something extraordinary. Plan and schedule a special event. Donate gently used clothing. Sign up to tutor a child. Travel to a developing country to help dig a well. 

Taking the Pearls with Purpose Pearl Pledge indicates your conscious decision to serve. It is challenging yourself to identify and make the most of opportunities to help another.

Whether it is as basic as being patient at the grocery store check-out line or building a school in a developing country, you are wanted and needed.

A life full of service is a rich life!

We value your privacy and promise to keep your information safe.

About Pearls With Purpose

Pearls with Purpose is a social impact organization promoting self reliance through micro-enterprise. We train women in developing countries to create genuine pearl jewelry. Each jewelry purchase gives our jewelry makers greater independence and purpose and enables them to provide food and education for their children.

We invite you to learn more about our mission to Create Beautiful Dignity and to explore our line of beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry.  Visit us at