A Beautiful Tomorrow

A Beautiful Tomorrow: Supporting Education

Thanks to Believe International and all those who support Pearls with Purpose, these children will have the opportunity to get an education.

In 2004, Pearls with Purpose founder Wendy Bird met Stephen Kirk.  Steve had spent a few years in the Philippines and had later gotten a phone call from a Filipino father of seven children.   The father said, “Our kids want to go to school and half the time we can barely feed them but education is really important to us.  Would you consider giving us a $50 loan?”
Children of our Pearlologists

Steve was surprised at the request for such a small amount but learned that at the time, $50 was almost six months worth of wages in the Philippines.   This phone call became the catalyst for Steve’s work with Believe International- a nonprofit that provides scholarships to help Filipino students lift themselves out of poverty and learn leadership skills.[1]
The children of our Pearlologists no longer go hungry or beg. They are enrolled in school and vocational training.

Providing educational opportunities for students in developing countries is part of the mission of Pearls with Purpose and Wendy jumped at the opportunity to get involved.  She organized a supply drive for the students.  The paint boxes, crayons, posters, notebooks, binders, glue starting coming—and didn’t stop.  In the end there was enough supplies to send to 22 elementary schools in the Philippines and enough for every single student.
Our Pearlologists’ children enjoying time to play

Wendy wondered if the children of the women who worked with Pearls with Purpose in the Philippines could be recipients of scholarships.  Scholarships are given based on need, with those in the greatest poverty qualifying first.  All of the Pearls with Purpose children qualified.  However, within a year, as Pearls with Purpose grew, the women started making enough money and had the privilege and satisfaction of paying for their own children’s education.  Pearls with Purpose and Believe International create beautiful dignity.
Thank you for supporting Pearls with Purpose and our mission to end poverty through micro-enterprise.


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[1] http://www.believeinternational.org/index.html