Category: Dignity

Wonderfully Better than Expected
Sometimes life stinks–it’s just the worst.  Murphy’s Law reigns and you’re thinking of changing the “Murphy” to your surname since you have such a personal experience with things going wrong. [...]
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Beautiful Pearls
When people first started wearing pearls centuries ago, they wore them as a statement of beauty, wealth, power and exclusiveness.  The beauty hasn’t changed, but now your pearls can be [...]
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Nanette: Pearlologist
We wanted to give the artisans who make the Pearls with Purpose jewelry a title.  We call them Pearlologist. In 2015, our co-op leader Lani interviewed her fellow Pearlologist in [...]
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Create Beautiful Dignity
Create Beautiful Dignity.  This is the Pearls with Purpose motto.  Alone, the words are powerful, full of depth and meaning.  Consider them individually. Create Creating happens, whether we plan it [...]
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Dignity from Despair
I officially became a single mom in the hospital giving birth to my second child.  I got the email from my attorney with the judge’s decree. I held my daughter [...]
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