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Crime Delivers Blow to Family

For 20 years Lani Adalla has been working to lift herself and her family out of poverty. The tenacious leader of the Pearls with Purpose Philippines co-op, Lani, along with husband Chris and their son Markenzie, have been able to carve out a comfortable life for themselves–even saving money to buy their own cinderblock home while putting away money for Markenzie to attend college. Ambitions, plans and dreams for both the family and the women they employ came to a halt one week ago when their home and business was robbed. Everything from possessions of little street value to jewelry supplies, and the family’s savings, was stolen.

Grainy video surveillance shows three men on two motorcycles entering their neighborhood and 17 minutes later departing with filled bags and larger items balanced between knees and handle bars. Police believe the Adalla’s landlord, who volunteered to watch the home and knew valuables were kept there for the jewelry business, is involved.

Heartbreakingly, this is not the first time the Adallas have lost all material possessions. In 2009 they lost everything in a typhoon, including the home they lived in. Two devastating losses for one family trying to beat the odds in a developing country. Once again, rebuilding must begin.

But the Adallas do not need to rebuild alone. In the Philippines they have family to lean on, and internationally they have friends through the Pearls with Purpose Foundation.

Please consider donating money to the Adalla family—whether it be $1 or $1000

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