“I Want To Work”

Shared by Wendy Bird, Founder of Pearls with Purpose Foundation

“I want to work is not a phrase you hear from most teenagers these days. But in our colony in Barathpurham India, it is a resounding cry from those I interact with. I found it very interesting during our Pearlologist interviews in 2011 not one of the dozens of women said, “I want you to give me money.” Not one of them said, “Please pay me more.” Not one of them pleaded with an open palm for a handout. Not a single one.

Yet at the end of each interview, after hearing of their struggles, hearing of husbands losing their jobs, medical strains, lost loved ones, pregnancy, childbirth, school fees and land or house losses, after that long list of extreme poverty and money struggles they were going through, when I asked them, “Is there anything else you would like to share with us or ask for?”

EVERY SINGLE WOMAN replied, “I want to work.”


It is that simple. In their minds, they know what they are up against. They know life is not easy. They know that to get anywhere, to get ahead, to rise above their circumstances, they are going to have to work.

And the beautiful thing? They are willing to. And THAT is the secret of self-reliance success, a willingness and determination to work.

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