Pearl Pledge

Across the street or across the world — people need you and your service. Take the Pearls with Purpose Pledge and challenge yourself to live consciously-being mindful and aware of the others needs. As you identify opportunities to serve, your own life will be full and rewarding.

Pearls with Purpose is a social impact organization promoting self reliance through micro-enterprise in Philippines, India and Cambodia. Every purchase of genuine pearl jewelry gives our jewelry makers greater independence and purpose and enables them to provide food and education for their children.

From being patient at the grocery store check-out line to building a school in a developing country, you are wanted and needed.

You can make a difference — doing what you ordinarily do!

When you take a walk around your neighborhood, pick up stray trash. When you open a door, hold it open for the next person. If you’re feeling ambitious, plan and schedule a fundraising event. Invite the Founder of PWP to come speak about the incredible history of PWP. Host an in home event where the products of the women can be sold.  Donate items for container shipments. Sign up to tutor a child. Travel to a developing country and help dig a well, build a school or administer medical needs. There is a plethora of needs that can be met through the talents you possess!

When you take the Pearl Pledge, you join our community of service-minded individuals who have chosen to consciously seek for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. Connect, share stories and get inspiration in our exclusive Pearl Pledge Facebook group.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. -Ghandi