Christopher Adalla

Christopher Adalla - Co-op Co-Manager since 2008, Philippines

Married to Lani it seemed only natural for Chris to be highly involved in the co-op. A certified mechanic, Chris was let go from his job working on cars because he was "too old" and his boss wanted to hire someone younger. When a car was purchased for the co-op to help lower the expensive transportation fees and expand our reach to other areas, Chris became our driver, navigator, mechanic, and shipper. He takes kits to the women so they can create products when they can't come to the facility. He then picks up the finished products and performs a quality check on each intricately made piece. He also knows how to make jewelry! He drives Lani to pick up supplies. He also takes the products to be shipped to FedEx and assists Lani in all the paperwork needed to ship the newly finished pieces out of the Philippines and safely to America. 

He takes the women to medical appointments. He provides meals (yes, he cooks!) and he maintains upkeep on the car and facility. He serves all he comes in contact with- always thinking of ways to assist others.

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