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Handcrafted and heart-made by skilled artisans that are part of women-owned co-ops in the Dominican Republic.


Wire-wrapped Larimar handcrafted by women who have been rescued from human trafficking

Because of the handcrafted nature of our products, variations may occur in color, size, and design, so no two pieces will ever be identical.



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Unstick The Stuck Quarterly Planner
  • $39.95
Larimar - Sterling Silver Flip Ring (Amber on one side, Larimar on the other)
  • $60.00
Larimar Stud Earring Tear Drop Shape, Rocio Tears
  • $69.99
Larimar Black Cord Bracelet
  • From $69.99

Sold out

Larimar Pendant- Medium Stone
  • From $77.00
Larimar Dangle Earrings
  • $120.00
Larimar - Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet
  • From $180.00
Larimar Pendant With Sterling Chain- Sound of Freedom
  • $149.99
Larimar Necklace Round/Globe Drop
  • From $149.99
Larimar Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
  • $179.99

Sold out

Larimar Pendant-Large Stone
  • From $107.00

Sold out

Larimar Pendant- Small Stone
  • From $57.00
Larimar Black Cord Necklace
  • From $69.99


Larimar-Sound of Freedom Bundle
  • $399.98
  • $319.98
Larimar Sterling Silver Dangle Jasmine Earrings
  • $159.99