About Us

Pearls With Purpose, a social impact organization is dedicated to sustainable self-reliance for disadvantaged individuals in developing countries (primarily abused/abandoned women, sex trafficked survivors and those seeking vocational training). 

We manage a lean operation through cost-effective processes which benefit the individuals in developing countries first. The creators of our products utilize artisan quality handicraft combined with locally sourced supplies such as (but not limited to) genuine Grade-A pearls, larimar, gemstones and high quality materials. Sewing Co-ops in Kenya, Uganda and India provide sustainable incomes with unique material patterns, designs and styles. All from hand!

Custom wood carvings from Uganda offer unique nativities made from gourds and native woods. Kenya provides intricate beadwork with unique Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of angels, stars, elephants, rhinos and even Christmas trees! The many traditional talents from these far away villages are brought to your doorstep from across the world, allowing women to create their own dignity, long-term with your support.

Each handcrafted product creates sustainable incomes/jobs and preserves cultural traditions. We create fair wages for our partners and do not personally profit; the artisans have fulfilling jobs and work in safe environments, which are oftentimes their homes so that they can take care of their families and have flexible schedules.

We created an online platform for artisans to showcase their beautiful products to a broader audience. Building this mutually beneficial relationship, customers have the opportunity to purchase unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world, and artisans earn fair wages, generating a means to support their families. 

Beginning in 2002 Pearls With Purpose started with a handful of women in the squatters area of Antipolo City, Philippines. Now, in 2024, Pearls With Purpose has expanded into India, Cambodia, Kenya, Peru, the Dominican Republic,  Bucamero, Uganda, Oxaca, Mexico, and Honduras with exploration into Guatemala and Ecuador through this current year.

Hundreds of women have been given a hand up rather than a handout as they have become aware of their own self-reliance through micro-enterprise mentoring and artisan jewelry and vocational training.

We humbly realize it is the socially minded woman in America who creates sustainable lifelong change for these artisans. 

By caring about where your home decor items and clothing accessories are made, what they are made from and who actually benefits from the purchase of those items, thousands of lives are dramatically changed for the better. This is the beauty of a social-impact organization. When a product is purchased from Pearls With Purpose, over 64% is used to impact the life of another human being on the other side of the world.

The remaining 36% is used here in America for marketing and raising awareness.

Shopping with us brings humanity back into consumerism. It’s that simple.

Now that’s a concept we can all get behind!



  Pearls with Purpose Downloadable Media Kit