KALAISELVI - Co-op Manager since 2012, India

Eight years ago Kalaiselvi was pregnant with her second child and wanted to help support her family. Kalaiselvi and her husband Boopathy have a love marriage, which is unique in India where typically marriages are arranged. Kalaizelvi was able to learn jewelry making from Pearls With Purpose. She is very dedicated to supporting her co-op and only one year after starting she was voted by her group to become the co-manager with Jayalakshmi.

Before, Kalaiselvi and her husband lived with her mother-in-law helping with the rent. Her husband served as a collector for automobile loans. He was only earning about $55 USD per month. This wasn’t enough to pay for the basic necessities, let alone pay for schooling.

Today Kalaiselvi’s daughter (12) and son (8) are both in school. Her daughter dreams of becoming a doctor one day. With the increase of Kalaiselvi’s income because of her new jewelry-making skills, her family lives in their own two-level home with a roof made out of cement. She loves to have friends and family come to visit. Her mother lives with them and she is able to help with the kids during the day so that Kalaizelvi can create jewelry. Kalaiselvi has started taking classes to help improve her English.   

Kalaiselvi’s favorite necklace to make is the Cleopatra and her favorite color is pink. She wants to help manage five other mothers that are really poor and mentor them to move forward. She loves her position as a co-manager with Jayalakshmi and all the learning and training she has received over the last 8 years since partnering with Pearls With Purpose. Her English has improved. She loves visitors to her co-op. She loves to show her designs, and help inspire others in her co-op to make designs from their hearts.

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