LeLani Adalla

LeLani Adalla - Co-Op Manager since 2002, Philippines

LeLani understands poverty. She was born and raised in a squatters village with eight other siblings located five hours outside of Manila. Lani was given her first toothbrush at the age of 18. She knows first-hand the cycle of poverty- and the ability of an individual when offered hope, education and mentoring to break that cycle.

She married Christopher in 2008 and they have a 12-year-old son named Mackenzie. She has seen great changes take place in her life as she went from starvation and begging to run our largest pearl co-op in Bulacan, Philippines. She completed our business training program as well and she is able to negotiate supplies and keeps detailed business records. Today, she owns her own home.  

Paying it forward she trains other women who were once in her shoes how to make jewelry and become self-reliant. Her heart is full of love for all she comes in contact with. No one is a stranger to her.

Shop for items made by LeLani and other women from our co-op in the Philippines.