When we first met Liss she had only been living in the aftercare facility for about three months. She is 21, and the mother of 3 children, under the age of 3, all from different fathers. She was first trafficked at the age of 15. Because of the horrible circumstances associated with sex trafficking, it resulted in several pregnancies.

Liss LOVES creating jewelry. Her favorite wire wrapping has been the pendants. She loves creating swirls and curls. She finds that working with her hands helps her feel calm especially when she has been dealing with the stress of her kids and feels incapable of being a good mom. The aftercare program has given her hope and strength to find a new life for herself that doesn't involve her body. This is another reason why she loves the wire wrapping, she is being creative in a good way. Her mental health has been strengthened with daily meetings at Leche Y Miel and she loves the unconditional support offered through the caregivers or what they call "House Moms". These women show her an example of what is possible.