Veniela was rescued 4 years ago from Human Trafficking and is now one of the “House Moms”. She has a heart of gold and having been in the shoes of those rescued, she is also very patient and caring. She is a natural leader in a strong and loving way. She has become our co-op leader at Leche Y Miel and manages the organization of supplies, materials, and workmanship when orders are received.  

Veniela helps keep the wire wrapping kits organized and makes sure that there are enough stones and wire for the group. The women gather together in the common room while wire wrapping. They are able to talk, laugh, support, and encourage each other during the creative process. Veniela is always close by watching, helping, and offering suggestions.

She had been making jewelry before we arrived, but had never learned the Wire-Wrapping technique. She loves this new skill and has even branched into designing bracelets, rings and other design choices with her new skill-set- she says “Before I just put beads on cords, but now I create designs that are exactly from me. They are just mine and I like that women in America like what I make. It makes me feel like I am making something good for them”. 

Her favorite pieces to create are the wire wrapped heart pendants. She says that she is sharing her heart with those that are supporting their efforts at Leche Y Miel. She is very grateful for the support and help to her “daughters” living at the aftercare facility in the Dominican Republic.

*As one of the “house mom’s” she gave us permission to use her face and image.