Conscious Shopping What Does That Mean To You?

What is Conscious Shopping?

What does it mean to be a socially conscious consumer or as we like to call it a socially minded shopper? 

It means you care. Deeply. About how your lifestyle choices impact the greater good around you. It means you think about where your products are coming from, who has made them and even more importantly how YOUR purchase of THAT product impacts THEM. And the more socially minded you are, the more expectations you have of the brands you're choosing to support.

Being a socially conscious shopping may take more time, thoughtfulness and education, but it's making those big brands take note. Those big brands are realizing that today's consumer wants to know that their purchase matters, and not just to a big retailer. They want to know it matters to the individual who made it. The creator. The artisan. The producer. The designer. The woman in the village who is striving to feed her children one meal a day. THAT kind of "matter".

We’ve all heard it before. Eco-friendly, organic, green–they’re all buzzwords that make the big box store sound like the ethical choice. And while shopping organic and keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum is great and all, it’s time we make sure we’re really buying socially conscious.

What makes a socially minded shopper?

A socially minded shopper is someone who:

1) Makes an effort to buy organic and eco-friendly products

2) Is aware of the effect their buying habits have on others (both environmental and human)

3) Is aware of the conditions of the place their products come from, and

4) Does their best to take into account the well-being of others when making buying decisions.

Do you believe in conscious shopping?

Since you are reading this blog I would wager that you are definitely a socially conscious shopper.

And you are a socially minded shopper who knows you are doing your part in making the world a better place.

What you buy is as important as how you buy it. In other words if conscious shopping is important to you  then buying products from a socially conscious company is always a good place to start.

A socially conscious company also known as a social impact organization is a company that reinvests its profits back into the business. This goes for both profit and nonprofit organizations.


Pearls with Purpose Media

Pearls With Purpose, a social impact organization, is dedicated to sustainable self-reliance for disadvantaged individuals in developing countries (primarily abused/abandoned women, sex trafficked survivors and others seeking vocational training). 

We manage a lean operation through cost-effective processes which benefit the individuals in developing countries first. The artisans who create these handcrafted pieces are highly trained by our organization. They use high-quality materials and locally sourced supplies such as genuine Grade-A pearls, semi-precious gemstones and larimar.

Each handcrafted product creates sustainable incomes and preserves cultural traditions. Through our efforts, our artisans are able to earn fair wages and provide for their families. The artisans have fulfilling jobs and work in a safe environment. This is often their home so that they can take care of their families and have a flexible schedule.

We have created an online platform for artisans to showcase their beautiful products to a broader audience. Building this mutually beneficial relationship, customers have the opportunity to purchase unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world, and artisans are able to support themselves and their families.

Beginning in 2002, Pearls With Purpose started with a handful of women in the squatters area of Antipolo City, Philippines. Pearls With Purpose has since expanded into India, Cambodia, Kenya, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

Hundreds of women have been given a hand up rather than a hand out as they have become self-reliant through micro-enterprise training, mentoring and artisan jewelry training.

Over the years, Pearls with Purpose has aligned with other like-minded organizations such as Mentors International, Operation Underground Railroad, DoTerra Healing Hands and Believe International. These partnerships have created opportunities to train and teach even more women while providing them with micro-loans and a product pipeline to truly grow their businesses. In addition, invaluable mentorship has been provided.

By caring about where your accessories are made, what they are made from, and who actually benefits from the purchase, thousands of lives are improved and dramatically changed for the better. This is the beauty of a social-impact organization. When a product is purchased from Pearls With Purpose, over 72% is used to impact the life of another human being on the other side of the world.

The remaining 28% is used here in America for marketing and raising awareness.

Now that’s a concept we can all get behind! Shopping with us brings humanity back into consumerism. It’s that simple.

Help us shout out other socially conscious organizations!!

Holidays are quickly approaching and for those of us who are socially conscious, conscientious, and want to make a difference in this world – Where do we begin? Where can we find socially conscious gifts, wrapping paper, cards, home decor, food, kitchenware for the holidays? We would love to feature these companies on our blog and social media.