Dragon Pearl

In celebration of all things mystical and magical for Halloween, we share the Dragon’s Pearl, an Ancient Chinese legend with modern application.

Long ago near the River Min lived a good but poor boy and his mother. To make money the boy would gather grass to sell in the village. A terrible drought came over the land and grass became harder to find. One day, after walking far from home, the boy found a patch of lush, green grass. He cut the grass and sold it in the village, making more money that day than he had ever made before. He went back to the same spot the next day, and magically, the grass had grown back as green as ever.

After several days of walking far to the magical spot, the boy thought it would be easier to dig up the roots and plant them at his home. As he dug in the soil he noticed a large, beautiful pearl. He put the pearl in his pocket and brought the roots back to his home and planted them. He showed his mother the pearl and she put it in the near-empty rice pot for safekeeping. The next morning the boy was disappointed to find that his plan hadn’t worked, the fine green grass hadn’t grown from the roots. He went to the rice pot to get the pearl so he could sell it for food. To his surprise, the pot was now almost overflowing with rice. Next, he put it in the money box, and it overflowed with coins. He had found a magical pearl!

The boy and his mother would never be poor again. They shared their bounty with all their neighbors who celebrated their good fortune and kindness. One day a jealous man came to their house and demanded the magic pearl. To save it, the boy swallowed the pearl. Immediately he became thirsty, so thirsty that he went to the river and swallowed all the water. Suddenly there was a large sound of thunder and the boy turned into a dragon. The thunder brought rain and it rained until the river flowed again. The boy had stopped the drought and as a dragon would be the river’s guardian.

Like the pearl in the legend, the pearls from Pearls With Purpose bring good fortune. This good fortune affects many people. First the maker of the jewelry, our Pearlologist living in Cambodia, the Philippines and India who make fair, livable wages. Second the families of the Pearologist, the children who because of their parent’s work have not only their needs met but the opportunity for an education. Finally, the wearer of the pearl jewelry, who has the good fortune to be wearing elegant, handmade jewelry. (Well, fortunate as long as they don’t try and swallow it.)

Share in the good fortune, purchase one of our pearl necklaces today.