Is Solitude a Bad Thing?

Solitude is one of those words that be both negative and positive. Some would equate solitude with being lonely, however the original meaning of the word "lonely" is to be alone, peaceful, happy. Who wouldn't want?



To love solitude is to appreciate the value of a quiet mind. To have time for your thoughts.  To reflect and to to wonder what you're doing in life.  To stand up for something you believe in, and to make time for your friends. It is important to enjoy the tranquility and inner peace you find in solitude.

But as the saying goes "no man is an island." Solitude in perpetuity would be intolerable. And while one can make a difference alone, together we can effect great change. That is why it is important to align your selves to groupsSolitude is where I place my chaos to rest and awaken my inner peace and organizations that reflect your core values. 

Pearls with Purpose is an organization that strives to improve the lives of individuals all over the world and we are glad to say that there are many other organizations that do that in their own way.

This weekend, Pearls with Purpose founder, Wendy Bird, will be a keynote speaker at the Rotary International District Conference in Virginia. 


What is Rotary Club?

Rotary Club International is an organization of business professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, managers, salesmen, corporate officers, community leaders, and other professionals, who come together to improve communities worldwide, to develop end-to-end solutions to the problems that plague our societies, to inspire youth, to build self-esteem, and to strengthen families, communities, and public organizations.

The members of the club are people of action. They are not merely observers of the community, but are involved in solving the community’s problems.

Rotary clubs are committed to making a difference in the lives of the people in their community. Their focus is on being an inspirational keynote speaker by stressing the importance of integrity, service, and leadership. These are the qualities that set them apart from other clubs.

Rotary Club is a leading organization committed to improving communities worldwide. This means that their efforts are focused on community building, people to people diplomacy, leadership training, and other areas that enable them to have a positive effect on society.

Rotary club members are also committed to developing leadership skills and educating the public about the importance of effective leadership.

The Rotary Club motto is: “He profits most who serves best.”

Other notable and common Rotary International phrases are “It’s not about the money,” “It’s not about me, ” and “Service above self.”

These are all ideals that Pearls with Purpose is glad to support. So while solitude is a wonderful time to practice connecting with your values, when it comes to taking action together we can do more. 


Veronika Childs Professional Problem Solver and Host of the Biz Essentials Podcast

Author Bio: Veronika Childs is a Content Creator, Professional Problem Solver and Productivity Specialist. She is passionate about helping her clients convey their digital message and streamline their productivity and workflow.

Through her podcast The Biz Essentials Podcast she encourages her listeners to “Keep the Spark” and turn their dreams into successful passion projects.