Larimar Stone- Hidden Wonder of the World!

What is Larimar ?

Most people are unfamiliar with Larimar because of it's rarity. In fact, there is only one larimar deposited mine that has been located in the world today! It's location? Barahona, Dominican Republic. 

Known as the Stone of Atlantis and the Dolphin Stone, Larimar is a fairly recent discovery in the gemstone family. Located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea of the Dominican Republic, Larimar is quickly gaining a reputation for being a healing stone with deep spiritual powers.

The so called ´Atlantis stone´ occurs as needle-like crystals. These crystals are grown together by volcanic activities which are formed in cavities within basaltic lava tubes. 

Larimar is famous for its mixture of cerulean blue and turquoise shades interspersed with patterns of white streaks. (Clouds) The Calcium in the Pectolite (instead of copper) create the soft blue colors. (Ocean) The Larimar stones may also contain brownish red-looking areas that are caused by oxidation or Hematite inclusions. (Land)

Because it is difficult to find a piece of Larimar that contains only the stunning color play of blue/white/turquoise these are incredibly precious stones.

The History of Larimar

Originally discovered n 1916 by a Spanish priest, the rarity of Larimar is legendary. Found in only one square kilometer of the world, that is protected by a dense rainforest, in a remote mountainous region of the Dominican Republic in the province of Barahona. This is the only source in the world for Larimar.

The Spanish priest who found the stone by accident, reported his find but unfortunately at the time, no mining was done. More than half a century (1974) later the Larimar stone was again rediscovered. A team of explorers (Dominican, Miguel Mendez and American Norman Rilling) found Larimar on the beaches of Barahona.

These two were so amazed by the soothing blue shades with white patterns which resembled the sunlight dancing beneath the Caribbean Sea that they were inspired to name the stone ‘Larimar’.
The name includes the Spanish word for ocean (which is ´mar´) and the first letters of Mr Mendez daughter, Larissa. This resulted in the melodious sounding name LARIMAR. It represents the significant beauty of the three elements of earth, sky and water. Each stone creates a unique depiction of these elements, causing the viewer to see 'islands amongst the sea' as they stare at the stone.

The Metaphysical Powers of Larimar

Larimar is said to enlighten and heal in a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way. It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown Chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity, radiating healing and love energy.

Gemstones tend to capture our sight due to their striking colors and composition. Larimar not only captures our eye with its range of oceanic colors but also its metaphysical properties. It bears a tenfold energy that is said to heal all four quadrants of the human composition. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides. By wearing handcrafted Larimar jewelry pieces, the Larimar jewelry is a natural way to gain peace and comfort.

Larimars different shades hold different symbols. Each has its own energy that can be obtained when an individual chooses to wear jewelry created with Larimar. It is one of the only stones thought to balance the polarities of Water and Fire with its bluish water colors and volcanic origins.

Since being found in the Caribbean Sea, it reverberates the energies of water which is known to subdue emotions. The tranquility found in the water element allow the wearer to feel a sense of calm and serenity when they are not even near a water source.

Some Larimar gems that have red markings embraced by the blue and white colors represent the taming of red emotions (such as anger and jealousy). The white color symbolizes the air element and the connection of the stone to the soul. As white and blue are joined together, the symbolism is Larimar linking the heart and mind on a deep spiritual level.

How to Use Larimar

There are many ways to use the Larimar gemstone. For years it has been made into a variety of different jewelry styles which can be worn by both men and women. Pendants, earrings, bracelets, cabochons and rings. The most popular being a specifically shaped stone (heart, circle, triangle, oval, square) which is beautifully wire-wrapped into an intricate drop pendant. 

Another way to align yourself with the spiritual properties of Larimar is to simply look at your hands or wrists (with the jewelry piece on) during meditation to help you focus and gain better clarity.

Because the stone can bring so many distinct benefits, you may find that wearing a Larimar necklace, pendant, or a pair of dangling earrings can help you gain greater wisdom, as well as unlock Larimar’s metaphysical properties.

Taking Care of Larimar

Certain chemicals such as those found in some cleaning supplies can “etch” the surface of the stone leaving it looking dull. Your jewelry can be maintained with a non abrasive jewelry cleaner, one that is rated for pearls, which will not damage Larimar.

Once a week or from time to time, wash your Larimar piece with water, a few drops of mild soap and then use a soft brush to clean the dirt from the silver setting. Then rinse again with water and dry with a soft cloth. Because it is a soft water stone, Larimar may turn slightly more blue due to water absorption.

Weather or not you believe in the metaphysical properties of the stone, it's beauty is undeniable! Visit our shop and buy Larimar today!