Pearls for Mom

For thousands of years, people have treasured pearls. In many cultures across the world, pearls are surrounded by different myths. Arabs believed pearls were the tears of the gods that fell into the ocean, while the Greeks believed that Aphrodite shed pearls for tears. The Gates of Heaven are described in the Bible to be carved out of pearl, and the Hindu god, Krishna, is said to have given his wife pearls as a wedding gift.

At Pearls With Purpose, we take these beautiful gems one step further into “something mindfully treasurable”- ALL of our jewelry is handcrafted by women in developing countries- and our Pearl Jewelry comes directly from our co-op in the Philippines!

From Cleopatra and Queen Mary to Jackie Kennedy and Michelle Obama, pearls have made their debut as a fashion statement for young and old alike. They offer on-trend versatility with a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and quality.

For Mother’s Day this year- surprise your mom or the woman in your life that you admire, with the timelessness of the traditional hand-knotted strand. Touted as “A girls first pearls” the traditional strand is always enjoyed by women of all ages!  From our classic 18” length to our 36” opera length strand- we offer beautifully handcrafted quality pearls that don’t break the pocketbook- it’s no wonder they’re referred to as the "Queen of Jewels."

With the initiatives supported at Pearls With Purpose you can look good, feel good, and feed a woman on the other side of the world!

And with the added bonus of creating self-reliance for moms in developing countries, this Mother’s Day gift just gets sweeter!