Purpose Driven! Wendy shares her journey & the origins of Pearls with Purpose on the Last Life Ever Podcast


“I’m just one person”.  “How can I make a difference”  “I don’t even recognize myself anymore!”  These and similar thoughts may cross our minds as we wonder how we can have an impact on our world. But life is busy, day in and day out we find we’re too stressed, too busy- too involved in each day’s demands to think we can contribute or make a difference.  Taking care of our family, our kids, our job, our home… and even ourselves- is pretty much full-time. Where do we find the time to help take care of others?

These are some of the same questions Wendy Bird was asking almost 20 years ago when she started Pearls With Purpose.  Although at the time, she was just looking for something to do- a way to make some extra money and to “find herself” again after dedicating a decade to raising 5 kids. She felt lost. She didn’t know who she was anymore outside of motherhood.  Yet, you’ll find that what she discovered on this journey of the past two decades was that she could juggle the myriad of tasks associated with motherhood and still make a huge difference in the lives of many women around the globe.

Since 2002, she has traveled to many countries, slept on dirt floors, lived with and taught women from many countries, cultures, and backgrounds- some with large families, some with crippling diseases, but all with one thing in common: no real hope to improve their own lives and the lives of their children.  No understanding of HOW to break the cycle of poverty so prevalent in their villages and countries. Until they were taught skills that allowed them to change their lives. They were given a hand-up.

Now, you may not be able (or even want ) to travel overseas, but you CAN still make a difference.  Each small purchase you make at www.pearlswithpurpose.org does positively impact the life of the artisan who made the jewelry you choose to buy.  Your purchase puts money in their hands that they can not get otherwise.  Especially during this CoVid 19 pandemic and the delta variant which is beginning to ravage these under-developed countries continuing to make life hard for them.

To find out more about how one person really CAN make a difference around the world (yes, this means YOU!), we invite you to listen to Wendy on The Last Life Ever podcast.


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