What Does it Mean to Be Strong?

Guest Post By Veronika Childs

There are so many qualities that are important in life and in business, like creativity, drive, passion, vision, and more. I would argue that strength is one of the greatest qualities you can have.

Strength means you know where you stand. It means you're aware of your weaknesses. It means you can spot opportunities. It means you can be transparent about your abilities and delegate those things you're "not so great" at and allow others to step in.

Strength is what helps you through the bad times. It helps you through the difficulties and speed bumps. It helps you stand with resolve through the difficult decisions that need to be made.

And at the same time, strength is the ability to be vulnerable. Strength is admitting you messed up. Strength is growing from your mistakes.


Strength is about knowing your goals and dreams and putting in the work to make them happen. It’s about doing the things that no one else will do so you can get the results no one else will.

Strength is not about having all the answers. Strength is the ability to listen. Strength is the ability to be open.

Strength is about being confident. Strength is about having self-esteem.

Strength is about taking risks. Strength is about persistence.

Strength is about doing what’s right because it's the right thing to do. Strength is about what’s just and fair for ALL not the few.

Strength is about making yourself vulnerable so that others are comfortable around you and feel your 'real-ness'- they can be open and confident with you.

Strength is about giving without the intention of receiving.

Strength is about helping your friends. Strength is about helping your family.

Strength is about being able to stand alone. Strength is about being able to stand up for yourself.

Strength is about knowing your worth, but making sure you are giving your all.

Strength is about being different. Strength is about being original. Strength is about being brave.

Strength is about being confident enough to take a chance.

Strength is about being humble enough to give help.

Strength is about being resolved enough to stand alone.

Strength is about being brave enough to be you.