Mentoring and Teaching


Mentoring teaches us to lift each other up, while creating powerful, positive, long-lasting relationships along the way.

The term ‘Mentors’ is an crucial part of our program. We believe in the importance of guiding these artisans on their path to greater self-reliance. They have a trusted colleague to turn to when they have questions and need advice.

Many of of these women have been abused and abandoned. They have had little education and even fewer opportunities. With mentoring comes a new-found confidence, which empowers these artisans to move forward building their own successful futures.


Provide artisans, primarily women, in underdeveloped countries the opportunity to learn the art of jewelry making along with personal development and business skills training. Empowering these artisans to firmly establish their own businesses and grow their co-ops.

Every purchase gives our jewelry artisans greater independence and purpose. Enabling them to provide food and education for their families.

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 Pearls With Purpose is a program under the direction of Mentors International. Since 1990 over 4.5 MILLION individuals, in 10 developing countries, have been impacted by our mentoring, vocational and business training courses, and financial solutions programs.